Who We Are

FLOWAQUA  Was founded by experienced, specialized and passionate water treatment professionals with the aim to create a totally pioneer  company in the world of water and waste water treatment.

FLOWAQUA headquarter is in Amsterdam-The Netherlands and our MENA office is in Amman where our engineers and staff work to design and produce our products. We manage everything, from raw materials to after-sale support, because we believe in following every step as a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction


At FLOWAQUA we develop and supply technologies to clean polluted water, as well as technologies to purify water to drinking water quality or to make process water for the industry. For every problem of water treatment, we design the most appropriate solution, from the technical, ecological or economic point of view.

We offer both conventional physico-chemical solutions as well as membrane-based solutions for the production of safe drinking water. In the industry, our membrane technologies make it possible to produce drinking water from groundwater as well as from bio-effluent.


We help industries setting new standards in responsible water management.

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Our drinking water solutions make it possible to produce safe drinking water for large communities and for the industry.

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We are pioneers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

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Our proprietary membrane filtration technology produces tailor made process water from any source, and allows closing the loop in the water cycle turning biological effluent into potable and process water quality.

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Some of our recent projects